What You Need To Know About Frozen Fish Food

There are plenty of benefits in feeding your tropical fish frozen fish food. There are many advantages for your fish, aside from the viewing enjoyment you get from of watching your fish attack the food. One of the best aspects is that you are providing fish the nutrition that they would eat in the wild and ensuring that they are getting the nutrition from foods their bodies were designed to digest. Secondly, freezing foods lets them retain almost all of their nutritional value. Finally the frozen varieties of both herbivorous and carnivorous fish foods offer an excellent supplemental source to any fish diet.

Most of the frozen foods are specially grown in conditions that give them the highest nutritional content available for your fish. Frozen brine shrimp are grown in special conditions and fed special diets so that they contain high amounts of protein for your tank. When purchasing frozen feeder fish they will often be given a diet rich in algae and other plants ensuring that they provide the highest amount of nutrition for your fish. This is different than when purchasing the feeder fish species which may or may not be gut loaded. However there are options for 100% natural harvested varieties as well.

Frozen Fish Food

In addition to the special conditions that most of the frozen krill and other animals were raised in; there is the nutritional element of being natural food. These frozen foods are what the fish are designed to digest. Many types of flake and pellet foods can be difficult for the fish to digest because they are not natural sources of food.

Frozen fish foods have often been associated with an increased vibrancy of fish coloring. This is because the fish are better nourished when they have things like bloodworms and brine shrimp to eat. Their color increase is related to their intake of certain vitamins and minerals offered by these foods.

The freezing process does not destroy any nutrients and there is very little nutrient loss during frozen storage. This provides a great shelf life advantage in the bulk purchase of frozen foods for your fish. Unlike flake and pellet foods which carry a very short shelf life the frozen varieties do not contain the short shelf life. When specials on bloodworms or brine shrimp surface it is ok to take advantage of the deals, with no need to worry about the 30 day consumption.


One of the best things about foods like frozen bloodworms and other varieties of frozen dishes for your fish is the ability to provide a variety of diet. There are plenty of types of frozen fish foods that enable your carnivorous fish to gain mineral and nutrients that may not be found in flake and pellet forms of food. The nutritional variety is also coupled with the regular change of pace variety of food. People do not like to eat the same foods day after day and neither do fish. If you have noticed that the normal amount of flake or other food is getting wasted then it may be time to do supplemental feeding with the frozen fish foods. This can be a great way to spark feeding interest in otherwise bored eaters. Frozen fish feed also comes in variety packs that mix different elements to give a variation in a single feeding.

The final advantage in buying frozen feeder fish is that the risk of illness and tank contamination is much lower than when purchasing the live varieties. Unlike with live fish the frozen fish do not need to be placed into a quarantine tank prior to feeding. They are safe to feed right after purchase.

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