All About Tropical Fish

Hello and welcome to All About Tropical Fish!

Thinking of a new hobby? Or live where there are no pets allowed? Keeping tropical fish is a great way to occupy your time and display the fruits of your labour.

With small fish bowls to large aquariums, keeping pet fish has something for every level of enthusiasm and budget!

With time this site will have something for everyone from beginner to the most avid enthusiast. We will focus primarily on freshwater aquarium fish in a home aquarium. I don't think there will be any shortage of interesting topics to cover as these creatures can be so diverse.

I have been keeping tropical fish for many years and still find new challenges to tackle, it's a constant learning curve. Maybe some of our readers can also teach me a thing or two through their own experiences? :-)

So come take a look around and please feel free to leave me any comments or suggestions that you may have about the site on our contact us page.

We already have some great pages up on water treatment and aquarium heaters if you would like to check them out, along with our fish profile pages.

Gold Fish

Aquarium Fish Diseases
Aquarium fish diseases can be the bane of any fish keepers' existence. Coming home to find that you have sick tropical fish or even worse, dead fish is never a welcome discovery.

Aquarium Water Treatment
An in-depth look at the factors behind aquarium water treatmentAn in-depth look at the factors behind aquarium water treatment

Fish Tank Filters & Their Purpose
Fish tank filters are definitely right up there in terms of importance. A well managed filter will set the ground work for a stable and successful aquarium. As for what is the best aquarium filter...

Fish Tank Heater
Let's help you decide what type of fish tank heater will be best suited for your aquarium.

Fish Tank Lights
Lets help you choose a set of fish tank lights for your aquarium and also clear up some of the main questions when it comes to aquarium lighting.

Fish Tank Maintenance
Regular fish tank maintenance is an absolute necessity for every aquarium. It is very difficult to make a definitive guide on the subject as there are so many factors to take into account...

Tropical Fish Index
This is the just the beginning of what will be an extensive Tropical Fish Index.

Tropical Fish Photos - Show Us Yours
Are you an aquarium aquascaping magician or an amateur aquarist? Here is a chance to show off your tropical fish photos.

Tropical Fish Food - Where to Start?
Choosing a tropical fish food can be difficult, let us give you some help.

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